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Conan Exiles Becomes All the More Savage With Arrival Of Mounts This December

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Exiles no longer have to trudge across the Exiled Lands on foot in Conan Exiles as a new patch brings horses to the survival game.

Funcom made the announcement this morning via a press release and trailer. The new mount update will be free for all Conan Exiles players, however a new DLC named Riders of Hyboria will be released at the same time. The DLC update will cost Exiles $9.99 and is part of the Year 2 season pass. 

Ever since launch of Conan Exiles, players have craved for mounts to be added to The Exiled Lands. This December will see that desire come true. A free update will see all Exiles able to capture and train their own mounts, as well as a new pet leveling system and mounted combat. This means players will finally be able to charge into battle, wielding their sword high, driving their enemies before them!

You can check out the mounts in action in the teaser trailer below. More information about the system, as well as Rise of Hyboria will be coming in the weeks leading up to its December launch. However, those who are interested in checking Conan Exiles out, the game will be 50% off on Steam this weekend. 


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