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Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 4 is Here, With Brutal Fatalities Finishing Moves, New Event, and More

The Purge gets expanded, while Followers have better controle

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Age of War has reached its final chapter in Conan Exiles. Act 4 is out today on all platforms. The new update not only concludes the latest Age, it adds new features, a new event, an expanded Purge, and new Fatality system. Funcom also refreshes the Battle Pass offerings.

The Age of War is brutal, just like the world of Conan overall. Enter the new Fatality system. This is a feature inspired by the fatalities in Age Of Conan and if you daze your enemies, you can now use a finishing move to execute them in a matching brutal form. With this system, the team has introduced several new weapon-dependent finishing animations.

In addition to this new feature, the Purge system has been expanded upon and improved. Now, there are Sorcerers planning and working to drop meteors on your base, and there are thieves armed with lockpicks that are opening the way for the Purge to commence. This means you need stronger defenses, and the team at Funcom is backing you up by adding new items like the ballista to help you hold off the enemies and stop them from sacking your base.

Also getting improvements are Followers, with better behavior, controls, and commands now in the inventory panel. Part of the improvements include making followers easier to use on keyboard and controller and an updated inventory screen. 

The update also introduces a new event - The Sacred Hunt. It isn’t just an event, no, it introduces its own hub, new enemies, and story content. As part of this event, there are a number of trials, involving challenging the champions of the god of beasts known as Jhebbal Sag.

Tying other parts of Age of War together, the event also makes use of the Tavern, if you’ve built it. If you have built a tavern, an important character will drop by in Chapter 4 that will help offer some information on some of the new beasts that you will find out in the wilds.

Funcom has also updated the way the Battle Pass progression system works, meaning that most common actions will now grant you Battle Pass XP. These include killing enemies, harvesting resources, and crafting items. 


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