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Conan Exiles, After a Successful 2021, Will Reduce Official Servers for Better Population

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Last year was an exciting one and a big one for Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah, the game's first major expansion map, was released on all platforms. The platforms also grew with the addition of joining the Xbox Game Pass subscription and releasing on the Epic Games store. Now, Funcom is reflecting on the 2021 that was for the Conan Exiles community, as well as announcing the closure of many of the game’s official servers to better balance populations.

Regarding the present and community influence, the game’s team at Funcom has been growing, and the recent installation of a new Live team has made response times faster and feedback more readily read and responded to. In the Producer’s Letter, the year in review also includes Funcom’s dedication to supporting Conan Exiles and all of the possibilities, including community-created mods and even improving the devkit to incorporate feedback and ideas that originated in the community.

Despite the strength in 2020 and 2021, especially in the last quarter of 2021, with new players for Siptah and a series of events, there are soon to be many fewer official servers available. Funcom’s announcement comes with some explanation, with these server shutdowns being more of a cull to balance populations.  Across the platforms, there are over 1,000 official servers, all run with default settings, but this doesn’t match the player preferences and what they’ve seen in terms of data anymore. While the Xbox servers have stable populations since being added through Game Pass, most of the cuts will come from PC and PlayStation servers, with an estimate of about ? of the official servers being closed.

Messages will go out ahead of time if you’re on a server set to be closed, your characters will be transferred and you’ll be left at the starting area. All of your inventory will transfer over with you but no constructions will come along. Since there could already be something built in the same spot on the new server, as well as be complicated for the server database when the merger happens, this is the final decision. There are no lists or dates just yet, but low population on a server in January 2022 is a good first indicator that a server might be closing and populations merged soon.

For more on the upcoming server plans, see the announcement on the coming closures over at Conan Exiles.


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