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Conan Exiles 3.0 is Coming, Bringing the Age of Sorcery, a Battle Pass, and Overhauls to Building and More

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Conan Exiles 3.0 is on the way. The Age of Sorcery will arrive in Q3 this year and Funcom has announced that this huge update will both bring lots of new content to the game but also change how some features work. The game is also getting its own battle pass system.

The Funcom team discusses just how big the update is in a new trailer. Part teaser and part explainer,  we get a look at just what Sorcery will bring to the game, as one of the major parts of the whole “sword and sorcery” genre that the Conan stories popularized. So you can expect something true to the flavor of Howard's works. As one dev says, “We wanted to find a way to make it feel more kinda physically grounded, sinister, and evil”. The systems they’re building will concentrate on building energies, and involve rituals and spells.

There’s no shying away from the brutality of how this happens in the world of Conan Exiles. You’ll have to build a ritual stone, and effectively craft what you want via the use of blood sacrifices. You can even summon the dead if you take up necromancy and make undear mounts. More practical options include illusion changing how your armor looks, and teleporter pads, so sorcery also touches fast travel and how you look. With different words of power, you can build an assortment of different spells.

The introduction of a battle pass system means that instead of cosmetic DLCs, you can expect that to be part of the battle pass and ages. Leave daily challenges and play the game to earn the basic battle pass items, or you have three separate unlocks of varying lengths to purchase.

Other changes coming include an overhaul to the perks and attributes systems, which relates to sorcery too via Corruption. Tapping into this will affect your physical self, and if you reach a certain corruption level, you can  access certain special perks only reachable this way. You have the ability to become very powerful.

With such a big update, there’s also an overhaul to the building system. This new system is also designed to be more compatible with a gamepad, with features like all unlocked recipes in the same place, and a new building admin panel.

Find out  more over at Conan Exiles.


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