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Company of Heroes 3 Delayed to February for Additional Development, Fixes, and Polish

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Those who have been looking forward to Company of Heroes 3 will have to wait a little longer. The game has been delayed from November to February 23, 2023.

The game had been planned for a release on November 17th, but today, Amplitude announced that they simply need some more time to get things polished and ready. 

“So, what does this all mean? It means we’re spending this additional time polishing and finalizing features while also squashing bugs. Every day we remove bugs and finalize assets and features to help guarantee a better moment-to-moment experience for our players. Over the next 4-months we will not be adding any new features — the factions, units, modes, campaigns and modding tools for CoH3 are all set for launch. Now it’s just a matter of tuning and polishing everything to deliver on that core experience. “

While delays aren’t fun, especially if you’re looking forward to a game, letting teams have enough time to get things off to a better start when they do launch is a good step. With so much controversy in the industry over crunch and of hard release targets that sometimes result in overly buggy releases, Relic seems to be considering feedback and internal work. In the delay announcement, they list some of the community feedback that led to changes in development, from multiplayer battlegroup improvements to improving visuals and camera positioning during combat. 

It’s worth noting that they aren’t announcing any new features or attempting to make up for this delay by adding anything for the time. Amplitude seems focused on taking the time to really polish things up, as they say in the announcement. 

Preorders are still open and any existing ones will now unlock in February on the new date. For more on the delay and Company of Heroes 3, see the announcement here.


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