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Reed Hubbard Posted:
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On October 8, Sigil Games will be hosting a community summit where they will invite 20 people to the Sigil offices to view Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, discuss the game with the devs, and then be whisked off to a public event at Dave & Buster's.  Ten of the invitees will be chosen by Sigil and 10 will be chosen by the community at large.  On top of that, ten beta invites will be given at the D&B party.

Know someone who you think would be a good candidate?  E-mail Sigil and state your case.

More details on this event (which is not a "who got the most e-mails" contest, BTW) may be found at this link.  An audio clip of Vanguard Community Manager Cindy Bowens announcing the event may be heard at Online Gaming RadioClick here for the clip.


Reed Hubbard