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Community Raises Funds to Place Billboard to Thank No Man's Sky Devs

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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A Friday morning is the perfect time for a feel-good story about gamers and gaming. A group of No Man's Sky community members recently started a GoFundMe initiative to raise money to place a billboard within walking distance of Hello Games' Guildford, UK studio. "Hello Games has put in a heroic effort to get NMS where it is today. As a community on r/NoMansSkyTheGame, we'd like to express our thanks." Originally seeking $1,750, the campaign has raised over $3k. 

According the the latest update, the space for the billboard has been booked for about two months from now and the printing process will soon begin. The extra money raised will first be used to purchase a case of beer and a food voucher for NMS developers. Leftover proceeds will be used to buy games to "give to disadvantaged / sick kids". Currently, the organizers are in touch with a local special needs school. 

The GoFundMe page will be open through July 14th.

As expected, Sean Murray, easily one of the most modest and self-effacing developers in the business today, is amazed.

Check out the No Man's Sky billboard GoFundMe page to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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