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Community Housing System Detailed in Latest Blog

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When WildStar is updated on September 6th, one of the biggest new features heading into the game is the Communities Housing System. Using the new features of the Communities system, players will be able to "join" housing plots together and share space with friends and guild mates.

Communities have been designed as a social feature at its core. Joining a Community is in some ways similar to joining a guild. Communities will have ranks, custom permissions as well as priorities on who can make decisions on behalf of the entire Community. Unlike guilds, however, only 20 characters can belong to a Community with only five visible  houses showing at any given time. These are displayed around a common area that can be decorated by the entire bunch.

There are a few things players need to consider before joining a community:

  • homes within Communities cannot be displayed outside of it. One location is available to display a player's personal property at any given time.
  • if there's a vacant spot in the community, a player can decide to display their house while they are playing. Once out of the game, the spot goes "vacant" again. With enough permissions, a player can reserve a plot.

We know a lot of determined builders are enthusiastic about the introduction of Communities to the ever-expansive Player Housing system in WildStar. With this in mind we’re jumpstarting Homecoming with a brand-new Housing contest on a scale we’ve never done before! In the coming days you’ll have the ability to register a team to compete in the Community Showdown to make the coolest, most unique, and awe-inspiring Community in the galaxy! If you’re up for the challenge, we recommend you start gathering your team of up to five players and think of what to name your Community. We’ll open a signup page for you and your teammates to register, and you can get started on your shared masterpiece the moment the Homecoming game update goes live! Stay tuned in the coming days. We’ll announce when signups are open and contest rules are available.

Check out the full post on the WildStar site.


Suzie Ford

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