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Community Behind Guild Wars 2 Wiki Host AMA

Some great insight into a community-run endeavor

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re an ardent Guild Wars 2 player, you’ve probably used the Wiki at some point. This past weekend, the team behind that Wiki hosted an AMA. Here’s what was discussed.

The AMA was hosted over on Reddit by the community running the Wiki. Some of the questions focused on just how much work is involved in running a Wiki of this size. One Wiki editor going by u/Zekiirah posted,

“Working on the Wiki has actually been a pretty decent emotional support activity for me. Meticulous research and formatting help calm my mind and the Wiki work itself has aided me in feeling productive and useful”

Other questions asked the team about their favorite page on the Wiki. Many of the editors pointed to the Special: Recent Changes page stating,

“Even when I'm not active on the wiki for a while I end up checking the recent changes every other day. Usually I check what got edited and look over it if it's from someone who wasn't logged in or from a user who I do not recognise.”

The AMA is worth checking out and provides valuable insight into the community and how such enterprises like Wikis are run and maintained. You can check out their previous AMA here.


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