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Runic Games has announced the release date for Hob. The announcement came via the PlayStation blog and a brand new trailer. You can look for Hob beginning September 26th. Those who preorder can also take advantage of a 10% discount. To give fans a first-look at some of the game's most unique features, a new dev blog has been posted with six little-known facts about the game.

  1. Sprites are plants albeit living plants.
  2. The entire world is a puzzle that unlocks a bit at a time as you adventure through the world.
  3. How are you related to the Fallen Soldiers scattered around the game world? Finding them is integral to getting sword shards to upgrade your weapon.
  4. Nothing in the Hob world is "inherently good or evil". It is considered true neutral, each life form working to survive.
  5. The hero is gender-neutral and Hob is not the main character's name.
  6. Created by Runic Games, the masterminds behind the Torchlight series.

Hob will be released for both PC via Steam and for PlayStation 4.http://store.steampowered.com/app/404680/Hob/


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