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7:46 FALLOUT 4 - Game Director Todd Howard takes the stage. FO4 has been in the works for over four years. The game starts BEFORE the bombs fell on a beautiful Saturday morning with the threat of nuclear war hanging over the world.

Character creation begins by selecting a part of the face and "sculpting".  No sliders. Change anything you want. MALE AND FEMALE characters!

No story spoilers will be revealed. 

Characters in Vault 111 emerge 200 years later as the sole survivor.

An enormous dynamic world. Be, go, do whatever you want. Player freedom is the #1 goal.

Dialog is dynamic. You can play in first or third person. 

DOGMEAT the German Shepherd is back. He can be commanded by pointing to things in the environment and activating him to go interact with it.

You will explore the massive ruins of downtown Boston.

Layered armor system included. 

A real PIP-Boy comes with the CE of FO4 where a phone can be placed inside it and, yes, there's an app for it too for iOS and Android that will be released with the game.

Something else for smart phones and tablets -- Called Fallout Shelter -- you make your own vault and you are the overseer who controls everything; the people etc. to keep them happy and safe. Inspired by Sim City, X-Com and more. Each dweller has full stats and levels. You send the people out into the wasteland on missions. Resource management to keep all working. Lots of different rooms to build (resources, bar, training rooms, classroom, etc.). THE GAME IS AVAILABLE TONIGHT!

Characters can rebuild - scrap items for materials and build the way you want. It's a fully dynamic game engine.

As your settlement grows, traders and workers will arrive.

Thousands of items are available and all of them have crafting purpose. 50 base weapons and over 500 modifications using the components found by deconstructing items found in the world.


UPDATE: The press conference is nearly over and here's what we know:

What are YOU looking forward to learning about FO4 and ESO?

7:05 PM Pacific - And finally, after a half-hour pre-show, we are live.

7:10 First up, the latest in the DOOM series...and boy that's a lot of blood....and...more blood

7:30 Bethesda.net will connect all games and players to one another to build on the commitment to build AAA games

7:32 Battlecry is an online action game with team based tactical warfare. Worldwide beta sign ups are open. Priority beta access and an in-game reward now through June 18th. Battlecrythegame.com

7:35 Arkane Studios, creators of Dishonored, take the stage. Dishonored 2 announced. Players can take on a male or female role. The game can be played by killing all or none as the player wishes.

7:41 ESO discusses the console launch and announce that they're hard at work adding new features, content and supporting the launch. Imperial City to come in 2015.  Orsinium, realm of the orcs shown

7:44 Elder Scrolls Legends - Trading card game that builds on Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls IP Built for PC and iPad available later in 2015.


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