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Colorful, Stylized MMORPG Cinderstone Online Begins Open Beta

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Cinderstone Online is a stylized cute independent MMORPG, and the team behind the game has just launched an open beta test period. 

The game is designed as a colorful MMORPG where you can play in any number of ways. Become a farmer or trade some goods, go out and conquer castles or cities with your guild, or some of the other MMO possibilities. Explore the terrain and cities, take on castles with your guild, and get loot and glory in a number of ways.

There’s also an overarching story to play through. The world is under threat by the gods, so you’ll get the job of helping to protect it. 

“Explore a variety of locations, each with mysteries to uncover and epic loot to obtain, all whilst protecting the world from the wrath of powerful gods that wish to destroy it.” 

Probably not an easy task, but one we’ve seen in many MMOs.

Cinderstone Online has warrior, mage, and rogue class categories, each with subtypes for a total of 12 options.

This test will let you play on three maps, have access to two different dungeons, and one castle that you can conquer. The level cap for the open beta week will be level 20. You'll also be able to test out the gathering system, crafting, and the enchantment system.

In order to gain access, the team is using Steam Playtest. You’ll be able to click a link on the game’s Steam page that says “Join the Cinderstone Online Open Beta Playtest” to request access and wait for your confirmation. Since it’s an open beta, the team has stated that there’s no NDA or restriction on streaming or sharing screenshots or info.

If you’re looking for something new, the test will run through September 8th at 10 AM PT. See more over at Cinderstone Online.


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