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Colorful Cinderstone Online Opens Closed Beta and Sets Twitch Stream Today to Show Development Goals

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week, Cinderstone Online entered its new closed beta, and the cute stylized MMORPG continues getting updates and new features to test out. The team will be doing a live presentation on Twitch today showing off the closed beta and how things are going in development.

Cinderstone Online is described on its homepage as “a cute and colorful MMORPG” so you can expect that from the intro, but the developers want to make sure to include mechanics like adventuring, conquest, and, of course social features like guilds and trade. The gods want their stolen lands back and you get to protect the world. 

There is a Founder's Pack which will give you access to the closed beta where the game's features are being tested and continuous updates are coming. They're looking to gather feedback and data and have goals for this month as well as next month's update. 

In October,  their goals are to have the chapter 2 main story, a series of new side quests, a dungeon, and a Halloween event. In November, their goal is to add another chapter of the main story, chapter 3, a new map, some class advancement changes, and another new dungeon. We should expect a new main story chapter every month, along with additional content. Each week, the team intends to have housekeeping updates and bug fixes.

Today, the team has released a new hotfix to address some bugs and add some new features. The first world boss test has been added to Fallowglen, with a timer letting everyone know spawn time. There’s also a new enchantment system for items you get from killing dungeon and world bosses.

The Cinderstone Online team will be live on Twitch today at 10PM CEST / 4PM ET to talk about the game and show things off, as well as what’s in the works. 

See more info in the announcement over at Cinderstone Online.


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