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Coffers and Coffins Update for EverQuest II Continues the Supernatural Threats With New Quests and Dungeons

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Coffers and Coffins is live today in EverQuest II, and the new update brings new quests, new dungeons, new Collections, and much more. This update follows the Visions of Vetrovia expansion and continues the spooky and supernatural for those adventurers who are daring enough to take on the new content.

Visions of Vetrovia held some complex threats, and if you played through it and discovered the secrets of Castle Vacrul, you might be prepared for what’s next. There are more whispers of haunting presences like vampires and witches, along with other threats out there. Of course, any investigation and exploration is up to you. As is helping others.

In addition to new quests, there are new raids and dungeons. Forlorn Gist: Akashic Incursion Raid and Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence Raid are there for the challenge, along with The Merchant’s Den dungeon. The latter is available in Solo, Heroic I, and Heroic II difficulties. Forlorn Gist features seven new bosses from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Castle Vacrul features four new Tier 4 Bosses and one at Tier 5. For these new raids you’ll have to have completed Visions of Vetrovia  quests or have a character on your account who has. Of course, you’ll have the opportunity to earn fitting loot for your trouble taking these on. 

Other additions include new Achievements, new Collections, a new crafting quest series designed to let you unlock level 40-49 advanced Tradeskill books. There’s also a new level 50+ Tradeskill quest series that will let you get level 50-19 books. Overseer Agent slots can make use of Overseer Equipment cards now. These won’t have as many traits but they will reduce cooldowns for you on adventures and minions. 

You can see the announcement for the Coffers and Coffins update, and the full patch notes over at EverQuest II.


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