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Co-Opetition & Familiars Incoming Soon

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest EverQuest 2 producer's letter has been published that introduces players to a pair of new features coming to the game in the near future: Co-opetition and familiars.

"Co-opetition" allows teams of players to fight side-by-side with other teams trying to score more loot and, most importantly, bragging rights for beating others. While teams can't damage one another, they are perfect able (and willing?) to sabotage the opposition's efforts in any way possible. This is for level 100 characters. This event will kick off on May 1st.

Familiars are also coming to Norrath. These menagerie creatures can grant bonuses and benefits to players, even to the point of increasing stats beyond the cap. These familiars drop in the Proving Grounds.

Lastly, a new Time-Locked Expansion Server is incoming:

Not only all that, but we are preparing to release another Time-Locked Expansion Progression Server called “Fallen Gate” this summer. This particular server is unique in a few ways. I call it the “Heritage Hoarder” server. Why? Every Heritage quest you complete will enable all the characters on your account to claim new Heritage rewards! Expansions on Fallen Gate are set to unlock every twelve weeks. The dates will be on a schedule we will make available.

Read the full details on the EverQuest 2 site.


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