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Co-Op Survival Game Tribes of Midgard Sells Through More Than 250K Copies In Three Days

Planting 40K Trees To Celebrate

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Tribes of Midgard, the co-op survival game by Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell Games, launched earlier this week, and since then has sold through over 250K copies, according to the publisher. Additionally, launch day saw the game become the 9th most-viewed game on the platform with nearly 100K concurrent viewers at its peak.

Tribes of Midgard released on July 27th, has seen the game hit a few milestones, including becoming the 9th-most watched game on Twitch that day with nearly 100K concurrent viewers. The studio took to Twitter to celebrate and thank players for hitting this milestone.

Additionally, since its launch, (actually within the first hours) Norsfell announced that players had slain over 40,000 Jotnar (Giants), and as such the studio will be partnering with One Tree Planted and plans on planting as many trees to celebrate.

Tribes of Midgard released on PC and PlayStation platforms, bringing the isometric survival game to the Viking age. Players slay Giants and protect a village as players explore dungeons, upgrade gear and more. 


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