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Co-Op Survival Crafter Planet Crafter Blasts Out of Early Access

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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Planet Crafter has landed within the Earth’s atmosphere with Version 1.0, and has officially left early access, but what exactly comes with the full launch?

Though Planet Crafter has been in Early Access since March 2022, just a few days ago marked the official launch into version 1.0. Of course, several things came with the latest update, including three new biomes, new lore, and one of the biggest changes: the new online multiplayer co-op mode. 

Fans asked for the co-op mode, and players can now join others online with a maximum of 10 players within one party. There are also new big animals that can be curated using DNA Manipulation, new items to craft, new mechanics to utilize, and, of course, new character animations. 

Since this is a momentous occasion for the devs, the game is on sale for a limited time. So, if you haven’t played yet and would like to dive in, now would be the time. 

Of course, this isn’t the first major update to come to Planet Crafter, as there were seven huge updates from the beginning of Early Access to now, but this is a huge milestone for the developers. Even with the launch, the devs do say there are a few things they weren't able to implement that players had asked for, such as a vehicle. They believe that the map wasn’t well suited for it just yet. 

There is more to come, of course, which the developers say they will continue to improve on and create new and exciting content in the future


Sam Plaisance