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Co-op Survival ARPG Enshrouded Hits Two Million Players, Devs Confirm First Content Update Underway

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Keen Games announced that its voxel-based co-op survival ARPG, Enshrouded, has hit two million players in its first month of launch.

The game released in late January (see our review in progress  here), with the team having highlighted a number of systems to use to terraform, impact the world, build, and create societies as a Flameborn. Flameborn is a survivor in the world of Embervale, a world corrupted by something known as the Shroud. This is where things start off, but as a survival game meets co-op APRG, there are lots of layers to work with. Up to 16 players can share a world, and there are many ways to customize your experience.

We previewed Enshrouded last year, and Steven noted that, aside from the survival and building mechanics we would expect, “Enshrouded plays up the RPG angle by adding a skill tree where you’ll be able to choose perks for your class, and really delve into what you like to do”.

The announcement, shared on the game’s Steam page, sees the devs thanking the community for the robust response that has earned the game a steady “very positive” rating on Steam and the two million players, of course.  “We couldn't have expected such a response,” the team says, before giving a bit of a hint at what is on the way. 

There are over 2600 suggestions in the Enshrouded feedback platform, so there seems to be much to keep the Keen Games devs busy for a while. There have been a number of updates already, mostly hotfixes and improvements, with another patch set to come soon. As far as future content, it is just a month past launch, but they have confirmed work on the first major content update has begun. 

Of course, with those numerous feedback comments and suggestions, there are many possibilities, but they promise that “the journey is barely starting” and they have plans they’ll start to detail soon.


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