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Co-Op ARPG Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's First New IP Designed for Mobile, Shutting Down on November 30th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Mobile multiplayer ARPG Dragalia Lost will soon be…lost. The game will be shutting down on November 30th, according to an announcement by Nintendo and developer Cygames. 

The 90-day shutdown notice for the September 2018 mobile release started having immediate effects. Although the shutdown was originally announced this spring, there was no confirmation of a timeline or plans. The team has already ended the ability to purchase premium currency, diamantium. Players will have until October 31st at 2 AM ET to complete any in-game shop purchases using their diamantium. This means any upgrades or packs will be available until then.

Other services tied to the diamantium currency, like summoning, recovering stamina, and using continues, will all remain available until the game shuts down on November 30th at 1 AM ET. Once the game shuts down, that will be it, and there will be no account access, so if you’re still among those playing Dragalia Lost, you have a limited time to make any last-minute purchases and take some screenshots before it becomes completely inaccessible.

ARPG Dragalia Lost was Nintendo’s first new IP designed specifically for mobile devices. Although Nintendo has released several mobile games featuring exclusive IP like Mario Kart, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing, Dragalia Lost stood out in that regard. 

The game features both a single-player campaign and co-op multiplayer. The single-player story campaign places you in the role of an adventurer, as these stories will, building your own customizable party over time on your journey, and working to save the kingdom of Alberia from evil. According to the original info, there was also online co-op multiplayer gameplay with parties of four, where you could take on story quest as a group, play through events, and also take on raids and other challenges.

For more on the  Dragalia Lost shutdown, see this update on the game’s homepage.


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