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Co-op Arenas & Other PvP Improvements Incoming

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Trion has updated the Defiance blog with a cool post laying out the details about big improvements in PvP. Among other things, the Leaderboard system has been overhauled to make tracking progress much simpler. While the overall scoring system is simpler, new ways of tracking progress are being implemented to give players minute-to-minute feedback in a pair of areas: Teamwork and Opportunist. Players will also have new incentives for participation in PvP.

Most interestingly, Trion has also announced cooperative arenas:

After Gunslinger goes live, you can battle through any arena as a group, sharing kill scores while receiving individual rewards for skill shots and special events (this does mean that a group of four players will DESTROY any of their individual scores in arenas prior to Gunslinger Trials!). The new arenas also present a wider variety of challenges and environments and give opportunities for all types of players and play styles to shine.

On top of all this, they also contain story elements and objectives. They’ll feature all-new combat encounters in environments both new and familiar, from the interior of a newly crashed arkfall to a fateful showdown with Dekuso and his newly upgraded Raider minions.

Read more on the Defiance site.


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