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Closers Update Arrives Today, Patch Notes Detailed

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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A new patch for Closers is outlined, plus an update arrives featuring new updates to Seth. 

Arriving September 24, the new update features updates to Seth and new costumes:

  • Seth can now be promoted to Special Agent!

  • Seth can also now access Season Three content including Hunter’s Night!

  • Added brand new event sector: “Full Moon City”

  • Added Royal Winter Costumes for Seth, Sylvi, Tina, and Luna!

  • Added Punisher Irina and Dr. Gremory costumes for Seth!

Patch notes include:


  • Seth is promoted to Special Agent

    • Seth’s level cap is increased to level 85

    • Added Seth’s Special Agent class level.

    • Added Seth content:

      • Hunter’s Night Area

      • Hunter’s Night Quest Line

Full Moon City Event Dungeon

  • Head to the Planar Gate between September 24 and October 22 to play the Full Moon City Event Dungeon.

  • Dungeon difficulties starting at character level 40.  

    • Recon - level 40

    • Patrol - level 50

    • Skirmish - level 60

    • Assault - level 70

  • 3 daily entries for platinum players.

  • 2 daily entries for other players.

  • Complete sectors to gain Small Full Moon Stones and/or Full Moon Stone Fragments. Use them to craft various items in the Full Moon City crafting tab.

  • Obtain crafting materials from the hard/very hard Bunny Boss

  • Available after the Monday, September 23 maintenance until Monday, October 21 at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Check out patch notes in full here. Additionally, MMORPG is giving away Closers keys to check out Seth in the anime-inspired MMO. You can snag your code and check out the Girl with Two Souls today.


Full Disclosure: Closers is represented by Team Critical Hit, a games PR company co-founded by Bill Murphy, former MMORPG managing editor.


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