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Client Update and Dragon Server

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has posted an update on the latest version of Myth War II and announced the addition of a new server.

The people at Myth War II are giving out a special New Years Surprise! The latest version of the game has been released ( with a new server with a cool name Dragon.

Client Update

1. A new fully playable server: In this updated version, the game designers have added a new server called Dragon to the game. Lord Gaea, the creator of all lives on Rarus Continent is portrayed as a titan cursed with a dragons head, wielding a huge sword and wearing golden armor. Every realm in the game is guarded by 12 dragons which are the toughest and most violent creatures in Myth War II universe.

2. No limits to players’ titles for their pets involved in combat. In this new server, players are allowed to combat with many high level pets even as newbies.

3. A new NPC trying to help correct bugged resistance distribution for reborn players. This new NPC will be found in the Church. With one click, you will get the bug in resistance distribution fixed.

Download the latest client here: http://mw2.igg.com/download/client.php

New Server

The new server has been available since January 8th and new updates have all been unpacked. As a fair play is advocated, people from Myth War II hope that with the successful launch of this new server, all players can enjoy this game as much as possible.

The decision to shut down the old Myth War does not mean they chose to give up this classic MMO. Instead, most of features that worked well in Myth War have been maintained and even improved in MW2. What’s more, it is reasonable to expect Myth War ? to come out in 2009, which would probably take you into a 3D Myth World.

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Keith Cross