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Classic Medieval MMORPG Reign of Guilds Moves Ahead with Playtesting on Steam

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It may have been a while since last we wrote about the indie medieval MMORPG Reign of Guilds. The team at Atlant Games Ltd has been following their projected roadmap, and the game has moved on to their Steam testing. Here’s a quick refresher on what Reign of Guilds is, and what’s next for the indie, early access, buy to play MMORPG.

Reign of Guilds is a first person MMORPG with an expansive crafting system, a large embattled world with 2 main factions with up to 150 player battles, first-person non-target combat, and 14 professions. The game has been in development for more than 5 years and the team states that it is currently slated to be buy to play, but the caveat is that this is only during Early Access. When the game goes live it will switch to a pay to play subscription game. Currently the game has not yet reached Early Access and is not available for purchase on Steam. 

Players will be able to choose from the following professions once they hit level 16: Assassin, Barbarian, Blacksmith, Thief, Crusader, Gladiator, Hunter, Master of Steel, Weaponsmith, Archmage, Enchanter, Druid, Inquisitor and Necromancer. The game utilizes a free-for-all PvP system where players will be able to be attacked anywhere, but there will be areas that are considered “safe zones” where they will die, but not take an experience penalty for their death.

Killing other players in guarded zones would result in Karma penalties, and players would ultimately strive to keep their Karma levels high. Players may also lose some of their items on death, which is dependent on their Karma level. As one could imagine in a game called Reign of Guilds the guild and open world occupation and battling aspects of the game are the primary focus. Players will be tasked with building guilds, creating alliances, controlling territory and expanding their influence economically and diplomatically.

This weekend Atlant Games has started their second Steam test for Reign of Guilds and those that might be interested in getting into the game now, can do so by applying to join the test. The test will run until 9PM PST February 7th, 2023. Testing for Reign of Guilds has been an ongoing occurrence since the team announced private tests as far back as 2018. The latest test will be limited to the starting tavern and Rivulet island. This is the second Steam playtest this year, and Atlant Games has stated that they’ve been able to tackle server stability problems, mob respawn times, item balance, and some questing changes as part of their incremental goals as they push through their initial Steam technical tests.

According to the team, they will be implementing their Vocations system, which will let players test some of the unique abilities and items specific to classes when Reign of Guilds hits playtest #3 which will likely be slated for several weeks after the playtest #2 post mortem. These are only the initial Steam technical tests, and ROG has quite a bit to go before they reach the Alpha stage. If you’re interested in Reign of Guilds, stay tuned for more testing dates and information to come.


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