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Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement with ArcheAge Players Sees $420,000 Payout

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A class-action lawsuit involving ArcheAge players sees a $420,000 payout. Here are the details.

The lawsuit stems from a filing in 2015 which stated that Trion Worlds had effectively falsely advertised for its founder perk discount for its cash shop to the tune of a 10% discount, in addition to breaking California’s illegal-lottery law.

This lawsuit has since carried over through the years during which time Trion worlds attempted forced settlement through arbitration. This clearly didn’t work as planned because Trion then had mass layoffs. However, it looks like an agreement has been reached.

“An insurer for Trion Worlds, the maker of ArcheAge, has agreed to establish a settlement fund of $420,000 from which eligible players may make a claim for a cash payment. The fund will also be used to pay settlement administration expenses, court-awarded service awards, and court-awarded attorneys’ fees and expenses.

The settlement resolves a lawsuit over whether Trion violated California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act, False Advertising Law, and Unfair Competition law, or made negligent misrepresentations when it failed to provide a 10% discount on ArcheAge Marketplace purchases to U.S. players who bought patron status before the game’s U.S. launch and when it sold supply crates in the ArcheAge Marketplace that gave U.S. players a chance to win virtual items of varying value.”

You can submit a claim and grab some of this money by submitting a claim online or via mail before March 13. Doing so means you forfeit rights to sue Trion separately or for similar claims. You could alternatively do nothing, in which case you also forfeit those rights.

You could opt out by March 13, receive no benefits, and keep your rights to sue. You could also object to the settlement by March 13 in which case you stay in the settlement, and will have to file a written objection to the settlement with the court. Finally, you could attend the final approval hearing on April 17 at 3p.

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