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Clan Wars Invade Lineage 2: Revolution in Latest Update

New fortress siege, new titles, more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Clan Wars have arrived in Lineage II: Revolution’s latest August update.

The new content introduces a massive fortress siege between powerful clans across all Lineage 2: Revolution servers, where prizes like titles, costumes, and mount pets. ALsi included in today's update is the ability to upgrade UR-class equipment to the higher-level LR class equipment for further increases to stats and combat power.

By joining in the fight, a variety of highly valued prizes such as special titles, costumes, and Mount Pets are available for players to collect depending on their performance in the siege. Other items can also be obtained in the Festival of ‘Aden Castle Clan War’ without directly participating in the activity.

To help prepare for this new content, the update also extends the max grade of equipment. Since this past Friday, players with UR class equipment can now upgrade their equipment to LR class, allowing them further increases in their statistics and overall combat power.


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