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Claim Limits Expanding After Server Wipe

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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With significant changes coming to player achievements/progression and to crafting, Landmark servers will be wiped in the near future to accommodate new systems and overhauled features. The latest news from Daybreak concerns claim limits and how they will be changing once the wipe / update goes live.

New players coming to Landmark after the wipe will be granted one root claim and three attachment claims. Current players will be given the same but will be granted an additional root claim expansion slot and five attachment claim expansion slots. In essence, nothing here changes for existing players.

Of note, however, is the way that players will be able to exponentially expand root and attachment claims via the Marketplace.

When you purchase a Root Claim Expansion Slot or an Attachment Claim Expansion Slot, you’ll get an item that you can consume to increase your maximum number of that particular type of claim (and also receive a corresponding claim flag to go with it). These items will also be tradable in case you want to surprise a friend with a gift. The total number of claims you can have including all possible expansions are:

  • Maximum number of root claims: 8
  • Maximum number of attachment claims: 24

Pricing has yet to be determined.

Read more, and the community reaction, on the Landmark forum.


Suzie Ford

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