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Claim J’s Special Scroll in Black Desert Before January 4

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As a thanks to the community, you can claim five J’s Speciall Scrolls in Black Desert

Here’s how to redeem the code (BDOTY19) on the website:

1. Redeem your code here: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/redeem 2. Go to the Account page: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/myinfo/ Claim your coupon by clicking it and sending it to your region (North America or Europe). It will gray out if you’ve successfully sent it to your region. 3. Go in-game and check your mailbox

And here’s how to claim it on Steam:

1. Hop in game and click Esc > Community (F9) > Redeem 2. Paste the code in the "Register Your Key" textbox 3. Press Confirm, a pop up appears saying it's successful 4. Click the Available button under the coupon list to claim it 5. Check your mailbox for the item

Finally, please keep the following in mind when claiming the code:

·      The gift code can only be redeemed before January 4 at 09:00 UTC. Please make sure to use it before this date.

·      J’s gift can be claimed via in-game mail before January 8 maintenance. Please make sure to claim it before this date or it will disappear.

·      Each J's Special Scroll must be claimed one-by-one from your in-game mail. You may get an error if claimed as a bunch.

·      J’s Special Scroll that you can get from the gift can be used for 30 days once claimed into your Inventory (I). This item will disappear if not used within 30 days.

·      J’s Special Scroll has Item Drop Rate +100% boost and cooldown of 60 mins.

·      Item Drop Rate boost does not apply to cases when looting from boss or monsters you fight in a party where different adventurers have to claim the loot together.

·      J’s Special Scroll does not stack with other item drop rate boosts. However, J’s Special Scroll does stack with other Item Collection Increase Scrolls.


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