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City State Games Ushers Final Stand: Ragnarok to Steam Early Access

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Do you remember Final Stand: Ragnarok? As a quick refresher, FS:R is an online co-op, action-based looter game created by Camelot Unchained developer City State Entertainment. Initially, when FS:R was announced, it made some waves throughout the Camelot Unchained kickstarter community, but since then both Camelot Unchained and Final Stand: Ragnarok have continued their development, which has resulted in the latter’s  Early Access release.

Usually, Ragnarok points to the end of something, but for Final Stand: Ragnarok the announcement of their game was just the beginning. After their First Access period that began at the end of 2020, the team has continued their development, and now FS: R has made its way to Steam. On the Steam Early Access page, City State Entertainment details their best estimates on the remainder of the games’ development cycle. This includes at least another year of development, while they focus on delivering more champions, more enemies, a crafting system, and a living world, among many other features. According to the steam page, the Unchained Engine that FS:R is built on can support thousands of players in a single match, though at this time, the number of supported players is limited to a 10-player online lobby.

The current version of the Early Access game also features 5 champions, a fully realized main scenario, and the tutorial. CSE warns that players should expect hundreds of enemies on their screen at any given moment, which requires ample fortitude and cooperation within your team to defeat. It’s also important to note that the game is online only, and only playable in co-op, so solo players need not apply.

The Early Access price for FS:R sits at 19.99 but CSE warns that the price will increase as new features get released and the game nears its launch. No details were provided in regards to the incremental increase in costs over the course of development, nor the final price of the live game at this time.

[UPDATE: 12:00 11/1/2021]

An update from CSE clarified how players can still play the game solo:

" We support solo matches. you just have to wait for the autostart timer. it's currently set to 3 minutes once in queue."


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