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City of Titans Talks Powers with Senior Gameplay Engineer Fred Prince

Steven Weber Posted:
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The latest blog post for Missing Worlds Media’s City of Titans peers behind the curtain of development with an interview of their Senior Gameplay Engineer, Fred Prince. The interview touches on the recent Flight Power Test, the future of travel powers, and some of the combat abilities headed down the pipe.

For many who have patiently awaited any information related to the development or potential release of City of Titans after nearly 8 years of development, may find some solace with the latest interview. Speaking with another member of the City of Titans team, Prince signals that Missing Worlds Media has made some substantial progress and looks forward to the time when the game has finally launched.

CoT: How do you feel about progress coming along with the game? You are part of a big team that is pulling the game together - how do you feel work is coming together for the entire thing?

Prince: Things have really picked up lately. I am really excited about the progress we are making.

CoT: Anything else you would like to share?

Prince: To all those that have supported us Thank you. To those that doubt us we hope to convert you. I cannot wait until the game is launched, and we can all enjoy Titan City together.” -Interview Amievil, City of Titans

Within the interview there is a lot to learn about the state of development. For instance, Prince alludes to a series of priorities he has planned which include:

  • Working on the code to implement powers into the game
  • Implementation of movement and travel power systems
  • Improving the AI

Super hero fans that are interested in learning more about how City of Titans is progressing should hop on over and read more from their Senior Gameplay Engineer.

Currently, City of Titans has a character creation and flight-power test, which is ongoing. To join in on these tests, you will need to create an account on the City of Titans website and back the game with a 50-dollar minimum pledge. The team at Missing Worlds Media has planned to redouble their efforts in finishing their game, as was noted at the beginning of the year with their 2020 recap. Since then, we’ve seen more consistent and detailed blog posts as the team pushes forward with their goal to make substantial progress in 2021.


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