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City of Titans Spotlights Progress Building Downtown

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, the City of Titans team shared additional information on the development efforts underway to build out downtown in Titan City.

The team notes work has continued since the previous update. For example, the Alexandria and Old Bradford districts of Titan City have seen new additions. Furthermore, the team notes all landmark buildings and mogul buildings have been built out. This includes a good chunk of architecture from around the district.

Additionally, various landmarks and mogul buildings have been built in Victory Beach. The next districts in line for fleshing out include North Eastern Research District, Aurora District, and Rhineheart Park District.

The community post, which you can view here, contains several images of buildings from Downtown in addition to various landmarks. These include several skyscrapers, a graveyard, a fountain and square, the stock exchange, and much more.

In previous updates, the City of Titans team added flight functionality to test. They followed up that update with a patch which brought about several improvements to flight functionality based on community feedback.

Some of these improvements include improvements to controls, the ability to freely look around whilst flying, and much more.

  • Flight controls have been enhanced and made smoother
  • Fast flight and fast run now continue automatically without requiring a movement key input
  • The Body sliders window can now be closed by clicking the radial icon for the open sliders again (i.e. the button is now a toggle); clicking a different radial icon still switches to that set of sliders
  • now restores the open window state from when the UI was hidden
  • Flight and fast movement (ground/flight) now can have their key binds changed in the control options menu


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