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City of Titans Previews Travel Powers in Latest DevBlog

Steven Weber Posted:
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The team at Missing Worlds Media (MWM) has previewed a series of travel powers for City of Titans in their latest devblog. Players will be able to combine multiple travel powers so that they can travel the world however they choose.

The travel powers blog went into detail on the improvements the team has made, and provided some insight to how travel powers work in comparison to combat powers. According to the developers, travel powers will have their own progression system, players will have a total of four travel power slots that are completely separate from combat powers, and players will be able to choose their first travel power at level 1.

A series of videos depicting, primarily flight, but also wall-crawling were posted alongside the devblog. The videos show off the features that accompany flight, like the visual air-trail when flying quickly, or the visual impact on the ground when characters land.

The climbing test video appears to be more of a proof of concept, where they show a character wall-crawling outside of the world in a general test environment.

As mentioned in the blog, there is still quite a lot of work to be done, as some bugs persist related to the flight travel power. For the moment it seems as though, during flight, customized hair, boots and gloves cannot be seen on characters that were built through the character builder. Despite the bugs the team professes that travel powers are coming along, and that they look forward to showing off more in the future.

Last month, MWM outlined their plans for the year, and what information they plan to divulge as development progresses. City of Titans successfully funded their Kickstarter in 2013, and while the team has had some setbacks, MWM is committed to completing their vision, a spiritual successor to City of Heroes.


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