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City of Titans Gets a Combat Preview and Teases What's Coming in 2022

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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As City of Titans gets further into development, the team offered a year end preview of the new combat system that will be coming and plans for 2022.

While what’s in the preview is not the final version, combat in the test engine is fully functional for the devs to continue building upon. The preview offers a look at one powerset, broken down step by step into options from basic attacks to the top tier moves. First up are Ranged Strike and Close Strike, which are exactly what they sound like, with Rapid Strike also being a quick melee option. Nerve Attack leads off tier two, with a move that does single-target damage with added debuffs. Taking us through the extensive moves are a number of options for close and ranged attacks, damage over time moves,  and assorted moves with buffs and debuffs, even some that restore your buffs. 

While the combat preview does include .gif previews of each in action, there is also a video showing all of the moves, from light blows to devastating attacks in actions. While things are still new, it’s clear from the clip that there is a combat system here to build upon. This video simply gives a peek into what they have now, but there are several promises of what else is to come.

Combos will be on the table and when some of the powers are used in combos, they'll have special visual effects. More about combos will be coming in a future update, but having the combat system already functional means they’ll move onto some other steps like updating the backend, adding the UI options and begin testing it, adding animations,  and adding special effects and power effects for each ability. Then they’ll do more testing and also adjust as needed. There is a goal for multiple powersets, so this preview is just the beginning

As they head into 2022, the City of Titans team also promises more on combos and Alexandria too. 


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