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City of Titans Dishes on the Next Steps in Development

Steven Weber Posted:
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Missing Worlds Media has provided an update on their development of City of Titans, which is a self-described spiritual successor to Cryptic’s popular super hero MMORPG, City of Heroes. The development team wants players to know that, despite being quiet over the past several months, Missing Worlds Media has been highly productive at bringing the game together.

City of Titans has been in development since 2013, and has thus far seen a launch of their character builder, with a recently released MacOS client. In the article, Missing Worlds Media (MWM) addresses concerns from players that the team was too quiet between the Winter and Spring updates. MWM specifies that, during this time period, the majority of the work was based around coding the game, and this kind of work isn’t something the team could particularly “show off”.

Now, though, City of Titans is ready to talk about what they do have going on, and what potential players can look forward to in the coming months. Player access to several neighborhoods is in the works. The two neighborhoods, Old Bradford and Downtown which were teased back in December will eventually be available, but MWM plans to get players into their first neighborhood of Alexandria soon.

The rest of what the article divulges are features and feedback that the team doesn’t go into specifics on, other than saying that more information will be provided at a later date. Here is a quick list of features the team has been working on, with plans to provide more information in the coming months:

  • Travel Powers
  • Chat
  • Multiplayer
  • Map Optimization
  • Powers
  • Weapons and Costumes

Finally Missing Worlds Media put out an alert – stay tuned for the May update! If nothing else, the team is committed in providing more information on each of the aforementioned topics, and those are just the pieces of the game they were able to touch on. According to the development team, there are more updates related to content that they plan to release in the future. The game has come a long way since its successful kickstarter, but in recent months MWM has struggled with additional financing to finish the project.


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