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City of Titans Development Interview Shows Off New Progress in Building Titan City

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There's a new interview for City of Titans with environmental artist Nathan Purkiss that reveals a look at the game's city development, including a peek at some new additions to the architecture.

The urban landscapes in City of Titans, Titan City, has neighborhoods, with districts that will have different feels and characteristics. Purkiss, also known in the community as Red Warlock, notes that the city has been made in layers, with intentional unique features and neighborhoods with character in the launch districts.

The update shows off the city as it is now, with launch districts  already built and in a later stage of development. Alexandria, an even larger piece of the city than the launch districts, is 100% built and in testing, with polish needed and devs testing everything to be sure it's functional as needed. Downtown, Old Bradford and Victory Beach are almost built, with testing coming down the line for them later. 

Overall, the peek at the city's maps give an idea of the possibilities of just how a superhero MMORPG will be able to use these environments. Cities and superheroes go together and it's a familiar combination at this point, and the interview also notes the influence games like City of Heroes have had on subsequent projects, including on the team behind City of Titans.

Returning to the flavor and architecture of the city comes with a new reveal: sky bridges. This is the first time they’ve been revealed for the game, and they came about as a request from the lore team. So there’s one hint about the direction things may take in at least some part of your potential superhero journey. Given that there are multiple sky bridges shown with the interview (which you can read in full and see all of the new images here), and there was a special request, it seems it won’t be small.


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