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City of Titans Dev Talks Movement Powers and Development Progress

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There's a new City of Titans interview with Senior Gameplay Engineer Fred "AmiEvil" Prince, who gets into some of his ongoing work as well as what he's working on for the game's future updates. 

Price got into working on City of Titans after dabbling in what he says is a successor, when he was recruited onto the team to improve things. Among the list of what he's working on now point to very significant growth and development for CoT. These items include finishing the code for powers to be available in the game and work on the movement system, including all travel powers. Improvement for the AI, as well as evaluating systems the team might use in development are also both on the list.

Flight powers are already in testing, and the feedback seems promising so far. It seems that some of the issues and requests when it comes to flight are lining up with what Price and the team have already planned. Also coming are the ability to look around while flying and different poses. These will add to the customization options available on release. 

Of course, there are other travel powers on the way, since they're part of the essence of superpowered characters. Teleportation, wall crawling, wall running, and more are also planned for this kind of detailed development and testing.

The team also wants to appeal to all kinds of players, so there is a custom targeting system to help when it comes to ranged and combat powers. The feel of the game will be important, and since superhero games and stories appeal to a wide variety of people, this seems like a good decision. Superhero MMOs have a particular advantage here, since superheroes are so hot and can easily translate across ages and audiences. Price emphasizes CoT has to feel right so there's particular work on combat to make that happen.

For more on the development update, as well as some included examples of some improvements already made, check out the official City of Titans site.


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