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City of Titans Dev Interview Features MrArtstrong on Buildings, Inspiration, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Work continues on City of Titans, and the latest round of developer interviews (and game preview) features a new electronic track that was themed for Halloween, along with a visualization by the interview subject of the week, Don Armstrong, also known as MrArtstrong.

Armstrong is a prolific contributor to the development of CoT. He's currently serving as the lead 3D artist for the project but he began in graphic design and contributed to UI, all before going to 3D. In the new interview, he talks about the contribution he's made in the development of the game, including designing many of the logos, some of the brand content, muhc of the UI design, and all of the class icons. He has also contributed designs for the game props and many of the costumes and armor. He's also done a lot of the patterns and capes. In a superhero game, the capes are very important.

Like many of the all-volunteer team working on City of Titans, Armstrong also is a fan of City of Heroes and comic books before he started working in art and making his way to development on CoT.  Currently, he continues his work on costumes and clothing, outfits for NPCs, and the versatile developer has also begun his first building. Buildings in City of Titans are affected by lore importance, which was how sky bridges wound up in the game. They may look cool but there’s more behind the design. Armstrong says his foray into his first building design carries a lot of influence coming from some of his favorite sci-fi and superhero media. As a big fan of high tech and sci-fi, he says he’s creating something tall and appropriately themed. Whatever it winds up being is still a surprise.

For more, see the full dev interview post over at City of Titans.


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