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City of Titans Celebrates a Mac OS Avatar Builder Release and Unreal Engine Upgrade

Steven Weber Posted:
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What’s been going on in City of Titans you ask? In the Spring Update for the in-development super hero game, the team at Missing Worlds Media is proud to present a Mac version of their Avatar Builder, and some additional changes and upgrades.

The Spring Update for City of Titans will introduce the Avatar Builder to Mac gamers, as long as they use Mac OS v10.14 or greater. The dedicated client represents the first stable build of their character creation tool outside of a PC, however, there are some caveats to the usage of it. If you intend to install the new Mac OS version, you will need to heed these additional warnings:

  • Installing on the Mac currently requires a one-time special authorization as the game hasn’t been properly signed with an Apple developer account yet. 
  • The first run of the program on Macs will be slow, while the Mac's dynamic linker sets up the program for the first time.
  • The 'Update and Start' button will need to be pressed a second time after the download completes to start the game.
  • Macs with Nvidia GPUs are not supported, even if they may work.

Changes to the Avatar Builder have also been added. Unlike previous versions of the builder, you will now be able to select your initial power choices from their first five archetypes, the Guardia, the Operator, the Enforcer, the Ranger and the Stalwart. Each archetype will have five primary and secondary power sets, which players can mix and match as they desire.

The Avatar Builder and all developmental projects have been upgraded in the latest release to Unreal Engine v4.26, providing new features that will further the development of the game. Missing Worlds Media is also working on some UI changes, and they plan to add support for purchasable items to the Avatar Builder so that they can be unlocked through gameplay, or purchased through an in-game store.

City of Titans funded a successful Kickstarter in 2013 when it reached 211% of its 320K dollar goal with a final tally of $678,189.00. The team at Missing Worlds Media have been consistently updating their progress, including a lengthy progress report on what they accomplished in 2020, and their future plans for 2021. Currently there is no release window planned, as the game continues to struggle with continued funding via Patreon and their Second Chance campaign.


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