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City of Titans Adds Flight, Available Now to Test

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As part of a recent update to the City of Titans client, player flight is now available along with additional updates. Read on for more details.

The big addition from this latest update is, of course, player flight. The team had actually shared a video of this mechanic in action early on. If you’re keen to test out player flight, you’ll have to grab the latest patch for the client here.

To activate flight, press F. However, instead of paying respects, you’ll take to the air. Left Shift will toggle fast flight. Keep in mind, this version of player flight is very clearly a test. The team notes improvements will arrive down the line.

Flight isn’t the only addition as part of this latest update. The team notes several improvements to the user interface have also been implemented. For examples, it’s been retooled in several areas to ease costume modification.

“The SKIN button on the left opens the skin type and color selectors now. On the right side, the MATERIAL/COLOR button opens the new color and material picker, and the GLOBALS button below it opens the same picker, but for the global materials rather than the current costume part.”

The update also went on to detail how costume materials have been changed. The main change here is many of them will now appear lighter.

You can check out the full update here. In a community update earlier this year, the City of Titans team discussed houses and bases. Prior to that, they shared information on travel powers.


Poorna Shankar