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City of Heroes Spring Fling Event Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Spring Fling event is now live in City of Heroes, along with some additional patch notes.

The Spring Fling event, running until the end of February, contains missions available from Ganymede, Scratch, DJ Zero, Jessica Megan Duncan and Arbiter Hawk in Pocket D. Non-Incarnate enemies higher than level 20 will now drop special valentine tip missions. Additionally, be sure to check out Chilly and Dram in Pocket D. finally, seven badges and seven temporary power ups are available as well.

The patch notes are quite extensive and cover off a host of fixes, powers, PvP changes, pets and henchmen updates, and more. Here are just the bug fixes, but you can check out the full patch notes here.

  • Fixed the team window showing "On mission map" when a teammate is in their Supergroup Base and vice versa.
  • Prevent immediate crash when passing a -patchdir parameter to a nonexistent directory. This seems to be happening on certain Macs.
  • Fixes for many Mapserver crashes unearthed by the new crash handler.
  • Various fixes and stability improvements to the client.
    • This should allow some users that were previously stuck on the Safe Mode client to now use the new client.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to inadvertently delete the geometry of entire zones.
  • Possibly fixed a bug in certain AMD/ATI video drivers that crash the client when queried for how much video memory they have.
  • Provost Marchand (Brickstown) will no longer give Hero-only missions to Villains/Rogues under rare circumstances.


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