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City of Heroes Rebirth Project Adds Forever Epic Update With New Power Sets, Glowing Costumes, and Cel Shading

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Checking in on remake project City of Heroes: Rebirth, the game just received its Issue 4: Forever Epic update, which brings two new pool power sets, two epic power sets, glowing skins,  along with some other improvements.

City of Heroes is still a beloved IP, so for many, the projects looking tor ecreate the experience for those who miss the journey can fill a wanted gap. With this update, the new power sets and additional costume pieces are just two additions, but when it comes to CoH, how your character looked and your playstyle were some of the biggest considerations you made when creating a new hero or villain.

The new globe costume skins have their own properties and you can mix and match them. There are 11 styles of glows and skins that you can use to let your character stand out. Look like plasma or made out of sand, gloa all over, or only sometimes, flashy, or as more of an accent to notice, this update adds some flair.

The newly added power sets are the pool powers, Gadgetry and Force of Will. Two epic power sets for Defenders and Corruptors were also added–inferno Mastery and Frost Mastery–along with improved slotting for Nova and Dwarf powers, with shapeshift power expansion, giving both of those new options. You can also use travel powers while in any form, but in those two forms, using them will return Kheldians to their original forms.

The team has also revamped Trick Arrow, with improvements and a new power synergy system. This should bring Trick Arrow up on par with other sets at its baseline. There’s a video covering the changes in the update.

Another change this update adds is cel shading into the graphic options to give things more of a stylized view if you want it. For something based in comics, it’s a welcome addition.

For more on the update, and to check out work so far, head over to City of Heroes: Rebirth.


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