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City of Heroes: Homecoming - Update on NCSoft Talks, Renamed to Homecoming: City of Heroes

All the Homecoming for None of the Price

Steven Weber Posted:
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When it comes to unofficial servers, the resurgence of City of Heroes through the City of Heroes: Homecoming initiative has been one of the most popular out there. A recent post by the Homecoming team on the official (or unofficial) forums details changes in the name, as well as updates about the talks with NCSoft regarding the future of the title.

The post released updated information that explained, due to the coronavirus, talks have mostly stalled, but some headway has been made. The updates listed in the post directly correlate to the ongoing talks. Some of the changes listed were:

  • A new launcher
  • A name change to Homecoming: City of Heroes
  • A new website homecomingcoh.com (not in use yet)
  • An upcoming content teaser from an update titled Page 6
  • Social media pages have been created, twitter, facebook twitch and youtube

Homecoming: City of Heroes recently celebrated its first anniversary. The Homecoming team has been hard at work over the past year, as they attempt to make the resurrected version of City of Heroes legitimate through negotiating any licensing and usage deals with NCSoft. As it stands right now, Homecoming: City of Heroes is free to play through the (un)official Homecoming servers.


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