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City of Heroes Homecoming Team Cracking Down On Copyright Infringing Characters

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like copyright infringement is being cracked down upon by the City Of Heroes Homecoming team, via a forum post yesterday.

Dubbed the “Code of Conduct” update, the team outlines the issuance of a code of conduct change,

“Today we've issued an update to our Code of Conduct. The key change is that we are no longer allowing characters that use copyrighted materials owned by other companies. This is the same as it was during the retail life of the game - we don't want to draw the ire of Marvel, DC, or other gigantic entities and unnecessarily put Homecoming at risk.

Characters using copyrighted materials will have their name and/or costume reset. You will then be able to select a new name and create a new costume the next time you log in."

Overall, sentiment in the forums has been positive, with many agreeing with the team’s decision. Some, however, remain skeptical. Such is the way of the internet.


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