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City of Heroes Homecoming Issue 27, Page 7 Update Now Live

Casey Bell Posted:
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City of Heroes just received its first official update since the game shut down in 2012 with Homecoming’s Issue 27, Page 7 patch. While Homecoming, as well as other servers, have been operating and publishing updates for many years now, NCsoft gave the Homecoming team the official license to operate City of Heroes back in January.

The update entered open beta not long after news of the team’s acquisition of the license, but after weeks of beta testing it’s now playable for all.

Titled Issue 27: Second Chances, the marquee features include the finale of Piecemeal’s Personal Story, an overhaul of Striga Isle to make it a co-op zone along with new villain and rogue story arcs, base expansion for the Vanguard base in the Rikti War Zone, and Advanced Mode for the ever popular Lady Grey’s Task Force.

There’s more in the update, too. The Homecoming team has made improvements to the new player experience, introduced new Arsenal Control and Arsenal Assault powersets, added power customization for Villain Epic Archetypes, revamped the Council and Circle of Thorns enemy factions, and more.

Read the full patch notes over at the official City of Heroes Homecoming forums.


Casey Bell