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City of Heroes Homecoming Announces This Year's Costume Contests

Shift from monthly to quarterly

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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City of Heroes Homecoming has announced the dates for the costume contests of 2021, in addition to a change.

The notable change here is that costume contests will no longer occur every month, and will instead be spaced out to occur four times a year. The reasoning behind this change is keep the contests from feeling mundane due to the monthly cadence.

The new schedule will see contests in May, Julyi, and October. Here are the dates and themes:

  • Saturday, May 15th - 9PM UTC  
    • Theme: Anniversary (Any theme or style - bring your best overall)
  • Saturday, July 17th - 9PM UTC
    • Theme: Folklore, Fables, and Fairy Tales
  • Saturday, October 17th - 9PM UTC
    • Theme: Praetorians (Special! 2-player team contest. Come dressed as the primal and praetorian versions of your original character)

There will be prizes, of course, for the four runner ups, the best costume on each shard, and the best costume overall. The runner ups will receive a permanent golden title, the Fashion Victim Badge, 1000 reward merits, and three Heroes v Villains super packs.

The best costume on each shard will receive a permanent golden title, Fashion Victim Badge, 5000 reward merits, and five heroes vs villains super packs. The best overall will receive the same badge and similar title, but 10,000 reward merits, and 10 heroes vs villains super packs.


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