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City of Heroes Fan Homecoming Server Celebrates First Anniversary

Plus two contests

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Fan Homecoming server of City of Heroes celebrated its one year anniversary recently, and are giving away anniversary badges during the month of May.

The post begins by thanking the GM team and the volunteers for the time and dedication they have given over the last year. Regarding the badge, the name of the badge this year is called Resurgent and will be made available throughout May for any character who logs in.

Additionally, any previous anniversary badges will be available to buy from Luna during the whole month. They’ll cost 100 merits per badge if interested. Additionally Paragon City is experiencing Rikti Invasions. They’re set to run through May 12, so be sure to check it out if interested.

Finally, two anniversary contests are being hosted by GM Miss. The first is a screenshot contest running through May 1 where you’ll simply need to submit your favorite screenshot from the last year. The second contest is a costume contest. This is set for May 2 where prizes will be given, which include permanent costume powers.

You can check out the full post here.


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