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Citadel Studios Targeting June 'Open Beta' & Summer Early Access

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Legends of Aria Roadmap has been updated with the exciting news that the team will be deploying a couple of patches and then heading into "what [they] call "open beta"" sometime in June! The team feels that the game is at the stage where "we need to start addressing the issues we can only find with lots of people" and to help with that cause, free trial keys will be available much more freely. 

July will mark the final wipe for LoA and the beginning of the Early Access phase. However, it should be noted that EA will not be available through Steam due to "growing pains -- we expect balance issues and bugs, and probably a rollback or two, but it will be time to start building the living world that is Aria."

In addition to building the world, KickStarter and other backers will be starting to see some of the backer rewards headed their way including "furniture, pets, titles, and virtual clothes". 

You’ll notice that what isn’t on the roadmap is the Steam launch or the big marketing push. That’s because it all depends on what the spring and summer bring. Our target is still this autumn. We only get one shot at going live on Steam, and we need to make sure the game is ready for an audience that has never heard of us.

Read the full update notes on the Legends of Aria site.


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