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Cinderstone Online Holding Free Stress Test Weekend, Ahead of Early Access Release

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Cinderstone Online will hold a free stress test this weekend ahead of Early Access on Monday. 

The game is designed to be a cute, stylized MMORPG that has a number of options to play your way. Whether you want to be conquering castles with a party or a guild, or you want to spend your day farming, trading, and forming a community, those options are all in there in a colorful package. 

Early Access begins on Monday May 29th, for a price of $/€ 24.99, via Steam. You can play through the team's own launcher by buying a Founders Pack for slightly less than the Steam Early Access price, but you would have to wait until the 1.0 release comes for eventual Steam keys. 

To give an idea of the depth behind the cute exterior, one addition from last month was dynamic trading, with a system that recalculates prices based on supply and demand. Personal and global merchant quests complement that system. The system generates daily personal quests based on demand for specific items in different nodes across the game.

Global quests update every week and will impact the game world in some way. This might mean there’s a flood somewhere, and this impacts the demand for repair supplies on the market. As a world event, people can work together to restore the areas, which should then impact the market prices.

The indie MMORPG is headed for what is a planned summer launch into 1.0, but Early Access is a big step forward towards that goal. However, if you are new to Cinderstone Online, you have the chance to get into the game and see what it's all about this weekend. This will also help the developers test the game with a bigger group since this is officially a stress test weekend. 

For more details, head to Cinderstone Online.


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