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CHUWI LarkBox, World's Smallest Mini PC, Priced at $199

Mini priced mini PC?

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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Just over a week ago, we shared the news that CHUWI had unveiled what appears to be the world’s smallest mini PC, at 2.4 square inches. Today, the company revealed new details, including the launch price of $199.

When the project was first unveiled, we suspected that it may come to a crowdfunding platform based on several of the company’s previous products. We were right. The LarkBox is planned for an IndieGoGo launch at the end of May.

Given the PCs specs, pictured below, it makes for a better entertainment center PC than a gaming PC. The company appears to be targeting it exactly as such, thanks to the Intel N4100’s 4K decoding and built-in WiFi. It also makes sense if you’re looking for a small PC for completing coursework or just browse the web.

If you’re interested and would like one for yourself without spending any money, you can enter for your chance to win one of the earliest models here.


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