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Chronicles of Elyria Pre-Alpha Testing Has Started


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Alpha testing for Chronicles of Elyria has officially kicked off. Here are the details.

The news arrives in a post on the official site, with the team recapping a slew of features they’ve been working on the past year, including,

  • Basic and advanced traversal mechanics and animations
  • Combat, NPC Combat AI, and animations
  • Combat combo system and combo management
  • Basic Survival mechanics (food, water, shelter)
  • More

Of the extensive list, the team selected a few for their test, called Trial of the Tested. This test is primarily focused on traversal and procedural dungeon generation. If you’re an Alpha 1 backer, you’ll play through an obstacle course as either Neran, To'resk, or The Waerd.

And of course, an NDA is in place,

“As a reminder, the participants in this test are bound by NDA and cannot share screenshots, video, or other materials. They are permitted to let Discord display their Game Activity, so don't be surprised if you see folks playing Chronicles of Elyria!”


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