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Chronicles of Elyria Players Break From Kingdom, For Own Nation

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Things are already heating up in the political world that is Chronicles of Elyria, as evidenced by the latest player news from the community.

Announced in a press release, around 250 people from the Chronicles of Elyria community have left to form their own kingdom.

“Large Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) community rebels against their king in the middle of Domain and Settlement Selection (DSS). Kings and Queens pledged $10,000 to CoE knowing their Kingdoms were not guaranteed to last and that their power came from their community. With the lack of involvement from one particular King in the south of the NA-E server that power has completely evaporated. To that extent 4 Dukes decided to carve a new path for their community, of over 250 CoE backers, to create the new nation called the Solaris Confederation on 9/4/2019 at 8:00pm EST.”

The Solaris Confederation itself is an alliance of four Dukes who feel neglected by the king of Kairos, Thared.

“The king has been gone from the community for more than 18 months, with no explanation. During this time all 4 of the dukes have expanded their communities, becoming 3/4 the population of Kairos and increased their support of CoE to more than $60,000 collectively. The Solaris Confederation aims for a peaceful separation from Kairos.”

The public announcement was streamed on Twitch, which you can watch below.

Watch CNN EP 8: The Announcement from CynericTorrin on www.twitch.tv


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